Kingston Bagpuize House wedding – Nienke & Jordan

What a lovely wedding this was! It has been a while since I have photographed a Kingston Bagpuize House wedding and it was great to return there for Nienke & Jordan’s stunning wedding day. As I write this the rain is tumbling down outside but Nienke & Jordan’s wedding day enjoyed the best of the (mainly) lovely summer we have been enjoying, so much so that bridal prep aside, I didn’t step foot inside all day. Weddings at Kingston Bagpuize House offer a range of options for weddings as you can get married inside the house or out in the grounds. Needless to say this was a purely outdoor affair.

Nienke is Dutch and Jordan is a Kiwi so this was en eclectic affair. The highlights for me were seeing Nienke and her father down a shot of Jagermeister before the ceremony (A dutch tradition I understand….) and then, after the speeches Jordan’s father and brother performed a Haka to them. As a big rugby fan I am very familiar with the Haka and have always enjoyed it but usually from a distance or on the TV. Being just a few feet away was somewhat intimidating and awe-inspiring all at the same time. I am also aware how important it is to the Maori culture and therefore how symbolic it was to perform it to your son/brother and daughter/sister in law on their wedding day.

There was also a lot of impromptu dancing which broke out whenever guests felt like it and a rare (in this country anyway) out door wedding breakfast making for a very relaxed and joyous atmosphere.

Kingston Bagpuize House weddings also offer a photographer an enormous amount of options for some lovely photos – the buildings and grounds are stunning and varied  and the guests clearly enjoyed being able to have a wander around as did I when I took Nienke & Jordan off for some portraits.

I left them dancing as the evening dusk descended. It was a great day and a delight to be a part of.

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