A happy coincidence

As a documentary wedding photographer there is always the issue of ensuring you capture the important details whilst not intervening or setting the shots up. I usually start my working day with photographing some bridal prep which I really enjoy and I think is a good start to the day pictorially. At this wedding the bride was getting ready at the stunning Randolph Hotel in Oxford before the wedding service at Christ Church Cathedral. When I entered the bridal suite I was met with a beautiful dress hanging from the central chandelier. As it turned out the bride had left the dress with the hotel staff at reception and they had chosen to hang it there. Perfect. As someone who likes to work as unobtrusively as possible it is often a bit tricky when I am asked to get a shot of the dress. Personally I always ask the bride and bridesmaids to move it for me – I don’t want to be responsible for any mishaps here! However, in this case no such planning was required and this was the shot I was presented with.

Oxford wedding photographer