Looking back – one from last year

As the new wedding season approaches I thought I would take a quick look back at a few of my favourite images from last year’s weddings. I kept coming back to this one simply because it made me smile. It is an image of the bride’s sister who was also her bridesmaid – a role with a considerable amount of responsibility. I love this shot for the humour content but also because it is a classic image of a wedding member letting their hair down after all their duties have been fulfilled.

With the majority of my work I am looking for images that tell the story of the day and also provide my clients with a set of photos that take them back to how the day felt, the sounds, the music and, in this instance, the fun and laughter.

This image is from Emily & Dan’s wedding at the lovely Bibury Court in the Cotswolds. For more images from this wedding click HERE for their full post.


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