Oxford Wedding Photographers

Si & Claudia are good friends of mine. Si DJ’d at our wedding and they were the first people to visit us when we lived in Bolivia. They are getting married in June at the beautiful Kingston Bagpuize House. We met up last week at the Isis on Oxford’s towpath and wandered around the area including a trip to the local church in Iffley village where Claudia’s Aunt got married. Really looking forward to their wedding day. Below are some of my favourites from the shoot.




  • pen said:

    Oxford in Spring, just beautiful.
    Throw in a couple in love - you have some magic going on :)
    LOVE the first shot in particular. Totally.

  • Shahina said:

    Fantastic pictures - really captures Claudia and Simon's playful nature too and love of the outdoors! Can't wait for the wedding pics! Great job.