Tythe Barn Launton wedding – Rachael & Olly

Tythe Barn Launton wedding


Today see’s the wedding of Rachael & Olly on my blog. They had their Tythe Barn Launton wedding last Spring and it was a beauty. There is something about Spring weddings that really appeals to me – I think it is something to do with the optimism that Spring provides after the grey of an English winter. On Rachael & Olly’s day we were graced with blue skies and daffodils in abundance at The Tythe Barn Launton which is such a great venue for a wedding – a beautiful barn set in lovely grounds.

When I arrived at Rachael’s parents house it was a hive of activity and the whole place was filled with laughter – mainly Rachael’s! One of her best friends, Stevie, was doing her make-up and, to be honest, they couldn’t stop giggling. I’m sure the make up took twice as long as it should have done!

After a beautiful service at Holy trinity Church in Headington we all headed over to the Tythe Barn for the reception. The ten minutes I had for portraits of Rachael & Olly might well be the easiest portrait shoot I have ever done – back came the smiling and giggling and it was a joy to photograph two people whose main priority was to enjoy every moment.

The day was a pleasure to be a part of. Some weddings remind you of what it’s all about – this was most definitely one of them.


Tythe Barn Launton wedding

Oxford wedding photographer

Oxford wedding photographer
Oxford wedding photographer

Oxford wedding photographer

Oxford wedding photographer

Tythe Barn Launton wedding
Tythe Barn Launton wedding
Tythe Barn Launton wedding
Tythe Barn Launton wedding
Tythe Barn Launton wedding

Tythe Barn Launton wedding
Tythe Barn Launton wedding

Tythe Barn Launton wedding

Oxford wedding photographer

Tythe Barn Launton wedding

Oxford wedding photographer
Tythe Barn Launton wedding

If you are having a Tythe Barn Launton wedding or you are looking for an Oxford wedding photographer I would love to hear from you.

  • What a beautiful wedding - you knocked it out the park dude.

    The bride looked stunning!

  • Alan said:

    Beautiful work, man; such lovely moments captured so well!

  • Absolutely wonderful and beautiful moments. What a wonderful collection of happy photographs.

  • Beautiful images Tom that will be so treasured - tender, joyful. Really really lovely.

  • Just gorgeous Tom, it is indeed what weddings are about!

  • Albert Palmer said:

    What a beautiful wedding tom, there is so much happiness! I love all the smiles you captured.

  • So much happiness within these images! Looks like a fantastic day, perfectly portrayed x

  • Wow Tom, stunning images from what was clearly an incredible day. So many beautiful moments

  • Matt Parry said:

    So many smiles. A couple so clearly in love and so full of happiness..made me smile just scrolling through. Great work Tom…such a great set of memories!

  • Love this wedding, what a beautiful day and amazing pictures to remember it by. Top work Tom.

  • Kelly said:

    Gorgeous wedding Tom. I absolutely love the main image. full of joy xxx

  • Beautiful images from a beautiful day, wonderfully captured and everyone looks so happy. Images to treasure forever

  • anna said:

    What beautiful images and so much laughter and joy! the love just bursts out of these pictures. Wonderful.

  • Really feel like I was there!! So much happiness coming through these photos and stunningly captured as always Tom.

  • Tom, you nailed this one! What a beautiful couple and a really joyful wedding x

  • Looks like a totally amazing day - awesome shots, so much love and happiness shining through.

  • joanna said:

    Wall to wall joy... so beautiful and bursting with happiness and fun. x

  • Sam Ward said:

    Absolutely love these Tom! It looks like such a wonderful day & your images show such joy

  • Marianne said:

    What a stunning bride, she has the most beautiful smile, wonderfully captured TOm

  • Such a beautiful day captured so gracefully!!!! JOY

  • hannah said:

    Beautiful wedding! That black and white portrait of rachel and olly is so full of joy, their smiles are stunning!

  • rob said:

    That's awesome story telling dude, what a happy couple!

  • pen said:

    so much joy! i found myself smiling along with everyone in the images :)

  • Dom said:

    Gorgeous wedding, beautiful couple (what perfect smiles!) and it goes without saying stunning photos of a clearly amazing day.

  • What an incredible job you've done tom, Absolutely stunning couple, You've nailed it from all the nerves and anticipation to the joyful celebration. Beautiful.

  • What an incredible looking wedding, such joy and love and humour all wonderfully captured. Such a beautiful couple too.

  • Wow. What a beautiful bride, that smile! So much love & laughter. Ace job Tom.

  • Beautiful set dude, and absolutely love that picture of Rachel you shot through the car window.

  • Such a beautiful day, you did an incredible job Tom.

  • Really ace work Tom. So much emotion & happiness in all the images, top drawer! x

  • 'Tom', Rachael and olly, were absolutely thrilled with your photography approach. they both wanted an unobtrusive photographer and that is what they got. thank you for capturing such special moments between Rachael and I. ones I will treasure a lifetime. great work!

    • Aaahh thanks Stevie-Rose! That means a lot and I am delighted that you feel you have some photos to treasure.